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Letter: The lesser of two evils

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The decline in America that has pushed aside the values that made us strong and trustworthy in the past has given us the worst two candidates for president that I can remember. “We, the People” have to take responsibility for this fiasco because we have enough voices to say “yes or no,” but how many actually bother to get involved?

Too often, the sin called “political correctness” has silenced some of us. And yes, it is a sin. It steals away our right to free speech given to all of us in our Constitution. This is why we have to choose carefully when we vote. Mr. Trump is and will continue to be slammed by most of the media and some of this noise he earned. But his actions are small potatoes when compared to Mrs. Clinton, who is treated “carefully” by those without courage.

Of the two, she is the one that has hurt our nation through her actions when Secretary of State, and has continued to do so since then. Her ...

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