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Letter: The Last Straw Syndrome

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Remember when we were appalled by innocent sea creatures with protruding straws from their nostrils? Subsequent rules prohibited straw usage for water glasses. In view of the global recklessness and hopelessness besetting us, one must be cognizant of the Last Straw Syndrome.

The question arises: Is the Last Straw Syndrome defensible?

Just as we find the Last Straw in our lives, discarding it means nothing. Another Last Straw appears. Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Google are the straws in the nostrils of society.

Are we wont of the courage to fight the bad outcomes of Last Straws? Should we be angry over the absence of Last Straws? Imagine a world where there is the last in a series of bad outcomes, enough so to make someone Last Straw angry. Civilization endeavors to oversupply Last Straws. Is there an end, a Last Straw? It is by logic there can never be a Last Straw. How can one prove what does not exist?

In our world of pain and suffering, it i...

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