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Letter: The kid with remarkable courage

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Gloucester County finds itself in the national news because of the ongoing court cases that involve the right of a transgender student to use the school bathrooms at GHS according to his gender identity.  

My awareness and knowledge about transgender issues was very limited until a friend recommended a book to me: “Becoming Nicole: The Transformation of an American Family,” written by Amy Ellis Nutt. Nutt is a Pulitzer prizewinning reporter and author. This New York Times bestseller is a must-read for those who would like to learn more about transgender issues and perhaps gain a new perspective on Gavin Grimm’s high school experience.

An interview published in a recent newspaper article quoted Gavin as having said the following, “(But) my high school experience was ruined and it will never not be ruined” and “I’m always going to be the kid from the bathroom thing.”

Gavin, I have not had the privilege of m...

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