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Letter: The friendly people of Gloucester

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I have written many letters; most to complain about how our government wastes our tax money. This time, I thought I would share with you an observation I’ve made over the last several months. Young men of all races and backgrounds between the ages of 18 and 25 have opened the door for me or held it open for me at the 7-Eleven in Ordinary.

These young men always say “Hello” and I return with “Thank you, young man.” It’s not just there, but throughout the county. I don’t know all their names but I know them by face. What makes Gloucester different?

People are friendly and most times will pass a few words. Like the man who drives to Richmond every day who always smiles and laughs and the men who are subcontractors for Lowe’s. They’re hard-working, struggling to make a living. Like the women with children hurrying to go somewhere and the women behind the counter working as fast as they can to take care of all...

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