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Letter: The first month

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As I write this, our new president has been in office just over a month. During this period, he has issued many Executive Orders, including halting the Keystone pipeline, putting a hold on fracking on federal lands, stopping the construction of the border wall, canceling many of Trump’s immigration policies, and promoting “Green Energy” policies, to name a few of the big ones.

The results of these actions so far are the loss of thousands of American jobs on the pipeline, gasoline is up about $.50 a gallon (approximately 24 percent), there is now a wall around the Capitol in D.C. and thousands of illegal immigrants are trying to cross our border, including many minors who will be put in camps. In addition, the recent freeze in Texas showed us how unreliable “green energy” can be.

Where is the mainstream media reporting and condemning the negative results of these actions like they would be doing for the Trump administration? Biden promised no tax incre...

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