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Letter: The direction of America

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Are you satisfied with the direction America is traveling today? Every generation determines the road on which they will take it. We now find ourselves at a fork in that road and must make a critical decision. Which route will we choose? Unlike the lovable New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra who would say "when you get to a fork in the road take it," the decisions we make in November will determine the survival of our nation as we know it.

One direction leads to loss of freedoms and eventually slavery caused by socialism and communism. The other leads to God-given freedom and opportunity. Common sense says that everyone will choose the road to freedom, but if that were the case, why do we find ourselves in the situation we are in today? In the last election, our people embraced big federal government control with a promise of hope and change. Progressives have been promoting big government for over a hundred years but recently it has escalated t...

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