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Letter: The chosen ones

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Well, Mathews Citizens for the Common Good are at it again. The objective of this movement is right out of the Marxist playbook. It appears they are liberal Democrats who were part of the 15 percent of the county populace who voted to tear down our monument.

We, the other 85 percent, should never allow them to control our county government. We see what the liberals have done to our United States of America since the 2020 election. How could anyone with a moral conscience ever conceive in their wildest imagination this would happen? Where has our decency, conscience and fear of God gone?

I can remember when as a little boy my mother would read to me. The subject of one of her readings had to do with a wolf wearing sheep’s clothing. This group is no smarter or wiser than the rest of us. They just think they are.

We can’t cave in to them. We have to continue to fight them every step of the way. We can’t allow them to buy or otherwise steal this electi...

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