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Letter: The Big Picture

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Biden is not a president. Congress does not listen to the people of this country. We have the weakest president in American history. Why do you think Putin invaded Ukraine? Because Biden is weak. We are the strongest nation in NATO. Are we going to guide NATO and Europe? We are not only failing our own country (especially with oil and gas), but our allies around the world. The world looks to America, the strongest democracy in the world, who represents freedom, strength and loyalty to all democracies. Do we really want to give up our integrity?

Do you really think any country wants nuclear war? Who would be left for them to control? They seek power so they threaten, intimidate and keep us living in fear. NATO has the power to change course and fight Russia alongside Ukraine. The U.S. and Europe are going to suffer either way. The U.S. and NATO have the power to stop Russia and their horrendous war crimes.

We promised the Ukrainian people we would prot...

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