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Letter: The Bible and abortion

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

With a new Supreme Court justice, the Roe v. Wade decision may be overturned. Consider abortions from a Biblical view to see if God is pleased with us.

Abortion is no longer a crime, but it is still a grievous sin according to the Bible, the highest authority for Jews and Moslems (Old Testament) and Christians (Old and New Testament).

Some Scriptures regarding abortion are: Exodus 21:22-24, God assigns the death penalty of “life for life” for anyone killing an unborn child. Proverbs 6:16,17; “God hates … hands that shed innocent blood” (unborn children are certainly innocent). And Deuteronomy 24:16, “nor shall children be put to death for their father’s sin.” (In pregnancies resulting from rape, incest, adultery or fornication, the unborn children are not the sinners.)

Abortion has resulted in many women becoming murderers. Those who encourage, finance, transport, etc., have become accomplices to those murder...

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