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Letter: The appearance of impropriety

Editor, Gazette-Journal:


This is an opportunity for everyone that votes and all in politics to take a long, close look in the mirror. Gov. Bob McDonnell and Mrs. McDonnell forgot the importance of the “appearance of impropriety.” Our laws apply to each of us and, when ignored, there is a price to pay. But even if found not guilty, the damage is already done.


When we vote, do we pay attention to these appearances or do we just look for someone that will respond to our needs or wants? The current governor of Virginia, if he had been rated on the “appearance of impropriety” in past activities, just may not have been elected. President Bill Clinton left office in good shape, even though he was guilty many times of the appearance of impropriety and guilty of lying under oath.


I can’t ignore the painful double standards that exist and for all who complain about what is happening in our government nationwide, how about looking i...

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