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Letter: Thanks to the protesters

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Thanks to the “hopeless, hysterical, hypochondriacs of history” (Spiro Agnew, 1970).  In 1973, there were massive protests at Richard Nixon’s second inaugural, just as there were recently hundreds of thousands protesting Donald Trump’s first. 

Several of these local protesters of today wrote to the Gazette-Journal (“Get Involved,” Libby Crawford, “All from one woman’s idea,” Joe Mereness, “A proud display of unity,” Margret Nye, and “This is what democracy looks like,” Nancy C. Wilson, Jan. 26 Readers Write).

There were also huge protests around the world with many more watching. Many were expressing their belief that Donald Trump does not represent the principles of the majority of our country’s citizens. Currently, 36 percent approve of President Trump’s handling of the job after his first week. The protesters represented multiple issues while demonstrating ...

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