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Letter: Thanking mothers for giving life

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

On Mother’s Day, we should look at mothers from a Christian world view and see how they fit into God’s plan for mankind.

God has given women the incredible opportunity and awesome responsibility of continuing the human race by having children. Some women may not be able or want to have children; others choose to have one, two, etc. Regardless of the circumstances of the pregnancy, God will hold each woman accountable for how she cared for her unborn child.

In January 1973, the Supreme Court decided that what is growing in a pregnant woman’s womb isn’t a child, but a blob of tissue that can be cut out and discarded. They authorized each pregnant woman to continue the pregnancy and give birth or have an abortion and end her child’s life. Therefore, with the exception of children born to women who didn’t have access to an abortion, everyone in the U.S. born after that date is the result of a pro-life decision by their mother....

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