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Letter: Thankful for a caring physician

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

On Monday, Nov. 15, I was feeling like I was coming down with the flu. I called Dr. Christian Wathen, our family physician. She tested me and then told me that I was positive for Covid, even though I had taken my shots.

She immediately prescribed meds for my husband and me, plus an antibiotic infusion, which I had on Tuesday. By Wednesday, I was feeling much better. But the most important part was that I received a call from her nurse or Dr. Wathen personally, every day, to check on me.

Her personal attention to my care on a daily basis was surprising, but then again, I should not have been surprised as that is the type of caregiver she is to all of her patients. Mathews is fortunate to have a professional who cares so much for all of her patients. My husband has continued to test negative and I am now pretty much back to normal. I want to publicly salute Dr. Christian Wathen and her staff and recommend her to anyone looking for a great, caring physic...

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