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Letter: Thank you, Mathews BOS

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Over the last few months, our Mathews Board of Supervisors, particularly the newly elected, have received some very “sassy” letters demeaning their decisions and efforts. This is okay and to be expected.

However, it must also be understood that this BOS is, thankfully, a different breed. It is a very diverse group jointly committed to making Mathews great again by cleaning up some serious, longstanding “errors” from the past and redirecting its future.

They jointly are unwilling to build on a crumbling foundation. To address issues that covered bad decisions, endangered citizens, mismanaged finances, and generally took residents for granted is bound to cause some resentment. Be patient and consider all sassy responses to these efforts in this light. Mathews BOS, thank you—all five are doing a great job!

Ruth LitschewskiOnemo, Va.

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