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Letter: Term limits needed

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This election is over, but the important issue that is never addressed—that old "elephant in the room"—is growing. Term limits will help to stop the growth of egos that appears to be an affliction affecting every person that runs for office … that sly, quiet thought that "I am the only one who can save our party, our nation."

No one is the only one to do that, and if we can’t get this point across to the few officials who do understand this problem, we won’t be able to treat this affliction, much less cure it. It matters not how fine and honest a person is, if he or she stays in any office too long, they will end up with the same problem. And their supporters will feed the affliction, always fearing a loss of control and power. Because that is what it is about—control and power. Those two words describe almost all of the problems humanity faces every day.

The only way to balance the people’s...

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