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Letter: Tell us how you’d fix the problem

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I would like to pose a challenge to some of your writers. The Gazette-Journal has a faithful few folks who contribute their opinion of what is wrong with our government and, by extension, America … often quoting scripture or the founders as proof they know what is best. Let’s see.

Pick any issue: Tell us how to fix it, who will do it, and how you will pay for it. Simple, yes? Here are the rules: We live in this world, so no religious fixes. Too many of them out there to get agreement and it’s our job, not God’s, to fix. If you can’t fund it, you have not fixed it. Money is often a big issue of its own, so if you take money from something else to pay for it, you must fix what you defunded or tell us how you correct that. Lastly, it must be doable. No ‘Give everyone a million and let them fix themselves’ or ‘Ship everyone with blue eyes to Mars’. There are real answers to our problems … so, any taker...

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