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Letter: Teachers deserve thanks

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

After reading recent letters to the editor concerning the schools and teachers, I felt in my heart the need to write my own letter. I believe we should give thanks for our teachers and the rest of the staff who make up our school system. They work hard to see that our children get the best possible education, in a clean and safe environment, with healthy lunches, and a safe ride to and from school, all on a shoestring budget.

It saddens me that people in our community would put down the dedicated teachers and staff of the Mathews County School System. I guess they don’t realize that teachers spend many hours, including nights and weekends, preparing lessons, grading papers and thinking of new ways to present information so that their students will be successful. I guess they don’t realize that teachers spend a lot of their own hard-earned money on supplies and teaching materials. It is a shame that our county, state and federal government do n...

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