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Letter: Tea Party promotes love, not hate

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I was stunned to read the comments by a fellow Gloucester citizen, S.J. Mehaffey, stating that the "Tea Party invites hate speech" and the nicest word (he) could think of to call those who may question Obama was "wingnuts." S.J. says that Tea Partiers must be bigots and racist since hate and ignorance exist in mankind, and since he has seen offensive signs at rallies, as reported in the news; thus, he concludes, we must support "hate speech."

S.J. admits that he bases his judgment of our group, not from his own observations, but from news reports—mainstream media, no doubt. He likely would not believe that there are those who intentionally display objectionable signs, and disrupt some rallies, specifically to discredit our group for the media cameras.

When did Americans decide that the freedom to speak up regarding serious concerns about what is happening to our country became "dangerous," as S.J. suggests? ...

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