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Letter: Tea Party invites hate speech by not marginalizing it

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The NAACP recently announced that there were racist elements in the Tea Party. The Tea Party spokesman (I don’t think they use the term leader) stated that the NAACP was a racist organization, not just elements of it. When does free speech become dangerous speech? You and I know, if we are honest, that bigotry and racism exist in all organizations no matter of the color of the members’ skin for fear, hate and ignorance exist in mankind.

What worries me is that the Tea Party invites hate speech by not marginalizing it. When a wingnut (my word) questioned candidate Obama’s birthplace and patriotism, candidate McCain shut it down by saying that type of divisive rhetoric had no place in American politics. He was right.

Tea Party rallies frequently (I know this by watching the news) have wingnuts (nicest word I could think of) carrying signs demanding "Go back to Kenya" while Obama is from Illinois, monkey puppets or white-face dr...

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