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Letter: Take down your signs

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Hey, community and neighbors, please take down your Trump flags and signs. He lost numerous times and even in the Supreme Court. You must know that by now.

He is a very dangerous, ego-seeking, lying man who incited the ugly scene at our Capitol. That included injuries, very scary moments, and, yes, deaths.

Republicans, you will have a better chance in the next election if you completely rid yourself of this ugly man. You can do better and still save your stock market gains, if that is what is most important to you.

Vice President Pence could be a hero if he invoked the 25th Amendment. If not, the Democrats should go ahead with impeachment. Trump can’t keep getting away with breaking the law.

As he stated at the beginning of this campaign, “I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and never lose my supporters.”

Well, maybe not. As cited recently by Washington Week news broadcast, there are Republicans soul-searching, as well they should.

Come on...

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