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Letter: Support the rich, vote Republican

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

How should this country help its most vulnerable citizens (no “aliens,” of course) if, in fact, it should? Who are the most vulnerable citizens? Children? The elderly? The poor? My guess is all of the above … or is it the rich?

The millionaire Republicans in Congress have signed a pledge to Grover Norquist not to raise taxes in any way. He must be the most vulnerable citizen.

How did the rich become rich? Certainly not on the backs of slaves, not on the backs of the coal miners or those migrants who got their hands dirty and their backs broken, like the Hispanic “aliens” in today’s society.

We need to protect the rich so they can employ people part-time and at a minimum, unlivable wage. The most important goal of large corporations is to enrich their stockholders, and the members of the boards of directors generally own hundreds and thousands of shares. This is one of the reasons so many jobs have been sent to emerging c...

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