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Letter: Support Parker, Nelson

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Carlton Drew and Karen Espinoza recently posted nearly identical ads steeped in misinformation and lies attacking their opponents. Ideally, voters would be given opportunities to question the veracity of such claims; however, Drew and Espinoza don’t make public appearances or attend public forums. They simply hide behind their ally and king of misinformation: Darren Post.

The truth is, Anita Parker and Elisa Nelson never voted to allow all male and female students to share the same facilities. Check the anti-discrimination policy, watch last week’s joint meeting, or read last week’s paper for the truth. Also, the claims surrounding the New Horizons enrollment are unproven, yet Drew and Espinoza made them anyway.We have seen the false claims by Darren Post in his videos and it is clear that Drew and Espinoza are cut from the same cloth. When it comes to actual student safety, Nelson and Parker both voted for safety improvements at GHS, radio systems along...

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