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Letter: Superheroes in our midst

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Dear Mathews County citizens, there are superheroes who walk in our midst. 

They may not have a large red “S” emblazoned on their shirt or bat wings either, but they are truly superheroes. They masquerade in their everyday clothes, but do not have to duck into a phone booth nor do you have to summon them by shining a light in the sky. They do, however, seem to appear out of nowhere.

Having an emergency on Labor Day and needing help quickly, I was overwhelmed at the speed and the expertise with which our MVRS responded in the form of Bob Brown and Malcolm Conway. On this day there were also professional paramedics nearby transforming from their everyday identities into these caring superheroes who arrived even before the ambulance. What a force: Scott Bergman, Neal Hudgins and Donnie Lewis.

Thank you, Mathews County! I have lived here for 50 years and have never needed them, but I want you to know that we are in good hands—there are ma...

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