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Letter: Stark contrast

When former President Trump was faced with COVID (not on anyone’s radar scope a few months earlier), he stepped up to try to solve the problem, rather than point fingers at organizations like Public Health, who failed miserably in tracking the disease and predicting its consequences.

As a result, in record time this country and the world had a vaccine that seems to be more effective than any flu vaccine which we have been working on for decades. His efforts, supported by the pharmaceuticals, brought COVID to its knees and saved countless lives and brought the country’s economy roaring back.

Unfortunately, his efforts were politically undermined by a media and an opposing party who simply kept track of the number of deaths by day, week, month, and total, blaming him personally for every one of them. While at the same time, local governments were not even bothering to track recovery rates, since that might actually make people feel that things were going OK. Have you ever seen a r...

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