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Letter: Some thoughts on the school board election

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

No one is discussing the upcoming school board election in Gloucester, so I want to offer my input for critique.

School board election—What I like:

1. I think the new high school campus setup will be safer for our children.

2. The kids I talked to seem happy and proud of their school.

3. I think the school board selected a “respectful” solution for “everyone” concerning the transgender issue.

4. The school board seems to be working together and is listening (at meetings) to what the citizens have to say.

5. People in the school system seem to like the new superintendent. I am told he is making regular visits to all the schools.

School board election—What I don’t like:

1. Kids need to go 180-190 days instead of the current 160 (just changed to 170). We are wasting millions of dollars by paying for teaching services we are not getting. Quite frankly, our kids need to go to school more—not less—like ot...

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