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Letter: Some more complete answers

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Rep. Rob Wittman recently emailed leading questions with “Yes, No, Indifferent/Unsure” answers with no option for direct response. I sought to remedy that here:

Do you support President Biden’s decision to release oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve?Joe Biden is our President; we elected him to make the hard decisions. The release of oil reserves is a stopgap measure to reduce the burden on American consumers at the pump. This is one of the very few things any administration can do to temporarily stabilize gasoline pricing. Gas prices are higher than they were a year ago when we were in pandemic response. We stayed home; gas usage was down and gas prices were the lowest in 40 years.Do you think the Biden Administration’s policies have led to an increase in gas prices?No. Presidents and their administrations have nothing to do with gas prices. Gas prices are part of the free-market solutions you espouse. As you should know, U.S. Congress is resp...

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