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Letter: Social justice?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The singular commonality that has dominated the news of late has been the specious acts masquerading as protest against what is, by definition, a duly elected administration by We the People. The protests by such groups as Antifa and Black Lives Matter present arguments that can best be described as pure sophistry, arguments unreasoned in logic with an intent to divide and deceive.

Nothing within our culture is considered inviolable or sufficiently sacrosanct to escape the rhetoric and attacks by an organized mutiny set against not only law and order but the foundations and history of our society and culture.

Not only must we witness the spectre of division within our political structure; that division has now entered into the realm of sports and entertainment. We are now witnessing an expressed contempt of the symbols of this nation under a false premise of police brutality by privileged millionaire athletes—symbols, by the way, that inspired generati...

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