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Letter: Smith for U.S. Senate

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I strongly support Commander Chuck L. Smith for U.S. Senate to replace Democrat Tim Kaine. Senator Kaine has been nothing but a shill for the Obama and Biden administrations. It is time to have a strong, active and responsible Republican in that seat.

In my opinion, Commander Smith is the only Republican candidate fully qualified to replace Mr. Kaine. Commander Smith is a Marine combat veteran, a U.S. Navy JAG Commander and an active member of the Virginia Bar with his own law firm specializing in immigration law.

Today, voters in America consider among their most important concerns the Biden/Kaine open door policy of immigration. 5,000 illegal immigrants cross our border each day. That is 150,000 per month and 1,800,000 per year. The Biden Kaine wrecking crew is providing these illegals with free food, shelter, clothing and, in some cases, jobs. Who pays for all this? You, the taxpayer. Commander Smith will spearhead the changes needed to shut this f...

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