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Letter: Sincerest thanks

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I deeply regret I cannot profusely “Thank You” in person because I do not know your name. Thus, I know not how to personally find you. I may only hope you will read this, self-identify and understand I am beyond words of thanks to and appreciation for you.

Your act of total honesty and kindness on Monday, Feb. 24, in Walmart was beyond all of my expectations that day. The representative shared with me the details of you finding my misplaced wallet, carefully checking inside to ensure its contents were intact and bringing it to Customer Service.

In claiming it, I was awestruck in its return but more so that it was totally intact and having someone so readily set aside easy, self-financial gain for the sake of an unknown someone else.

Please know with my sincerest thanks on that day and at that time you were and are my “Miracle Angel.” Clad with wings of honesty and kindness, you selflessly swooped in to rescue an unknown—me.

Again, I can only hop...

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