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Letter: Sign ordinance enforcement doesn’t make sense

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I’d like to just submit a random comment on the latest enforcement of the business sign policy as enforced in Gloucester County.

Why is it that the county forces a business with a very nice sign, that is actually attractive and kind of adds to the ambience of the setting in which it appears, to remove said sign (i.e., the Wood Construction Company sign that was on Pinetta Road), but allows an old, dilapidated and most likely dangerous sign to remain on the main highway through Gloucester (i.e., the Dairy Freeze sign at Ark Road and Route 17)?

Did I miss a day of class, because none of the equation adds up or makes any sense to me. And just so everyone knows, I have absolutely no connection with the Wood Construction Company.

Louis "Mark" Hudson

Signpine, Va.

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