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Letter: Shutdown was one-sided

Editor, Gazette-Journal

Re the letter “Vote Them All Out” (Readers Write, Jan. 31, 2019): the writer attempts to apply the both-sides-are-responsible title to the government shutdown as if Democrats in the House of Representatives are as responsible as is the President. Not true. A spending bill was passed in both houses of Congress in December 2018 that included border security funding which the President had agreed to sign. But the far right threw a hissy fit and he caved to their demands and refused to sign it unless it had $5.6 billion for a wall.

A discussion took place in the White House with cameras rolling in which the President agreed to take responsibility for a government closing if he did not get his wall.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose House is responsible for the purse strings, passed a bill duplicating the original bill that had $1.6 billion for border security which would increase manpower, technology and more judges to address incoming immigrants. Thi...

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