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Letter: Should the Magi be at the stable?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

With many nativity scenes showing up at Christmas, there is controversy as to whether or not the Magi belong at the stable. Here is my theory.

Mary and Joseph were an embarrassment to the town of Nazareth, since she was pregnant before they were married. The Nazarenes were probably glad when they left for Bethlehem, hoping they wouldn’t return.

Although they could only find a stable to spend the night in Bethlehem, everything changed after Jesus was born. When the shepherds saw the angels and baby Jesus, they spread the news (Luke 2:15-18). The Holy family was now welcome and probably treated like royalty.

After her 30 days of purification, Mary was in the temple where she met Simeon and Anna. They then left for Nazareth (Luke 2:39) but probably weren’t welcomed when they arrived. Based on what they thought they knew, the Nazarenes didn’t want two fornicators and an illegitimate child to return and bring disgrace to their town.

If you wer...

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