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Letter: Should party affiliation be allowed in elections?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Should local elections—and, for that matter, any election—allow party affiliation by the candidate’s name? Does the party affiliation insure someone will vote for the right person, or does it make it easier for the uninformed?

I would prefer to pick the right person for the job, rather than one who can raise the most funds. Campaign costs soar due to organized parties’ fundraising machines making it near impossible for those who refuse labels to run. Speech is free, being heard is not in politics.

Many civic organizations cater to the established parties by not even allowing non-affiliated candidates an opportunity to be heard. Why? I am not saying the D’s or the R’s do not field good candidates. They often do, but I would like to know is what the person thinks, not survey-generated talking points. We know as individuals that everyone has flaws, things we agree and disagree with, and we tend to trust a person we know ...

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