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Letter: Should Christians vote?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Although most Americans claim to be Christian, many Christians don’t vote. Some feel there are no perfect candidates, that no one is completely in line with their Christian principles. They think that a vote for “the lesser of two evils” is still a vote for evil. Some even fear that God will punish them for voting for a “less than perfect person.”

Jesus had a similar situation when He was physically on earth. He had to choose people to be leaders of His church after He returned to heaven. At election time, we have to choose people to be the leaders of our nation, state, etc.

Did Jesus choose only perfect people? Was impulsive Peter perfect? Were James and John (the sons of thunder) ideal candidates? I’ll bet Jesus didn’t have any doubts about Thomas. And can we agree that Judas was certainly a good choice?

Since Jesus was the only perfect person who ever lived, He had to choose the best people He could, even if they...

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