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Letter: Should Christ be in Christmas?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Should Christ be in Christmas? I say no! Not because the non-believer could care less but because the believers have just followed along with the generational traditions that have robbed God of his authority and placed it within the hands of sinful man 1,500 years ago.

Rome had declared no less than 80 holidays, with the most important being Dec. 25. This was the birthday of the sun. Coming in winter, this festival of lights, food and revelry was very popular among its citizens. Christ’s birthday was added in with their version of “faith” and the two were baptized into a new religion, along with Easter, that was the beginning of idolatrous worship at the expense of God’s sovereignty. Some resisted the spiritual poisoning such as Tertullian and Origen, but in spite of all the efforts the apostasy went on, as it does today, and only a small remnant of the true church remained.

Christmas today is a mixture of false religious teachings an...

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