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Letter: See no evil, hear no evil

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

My heart breaks to think there are many Americans who cannot see or hear the evil which dominates our country since Biden took office. I also see, hear, and feel (in my wallet) the policies of Democrats, the Far Left, and mostly from Biden who are destroying our livelihood. The Republican Party is investigating and calling out the corruption in this administration. Unfortunately, they only have the majority in the House of Representatives, but not in the Senate. This limits their power in fighting to preserve our Constitution.

Biden has borrowed $6 trillion since taking office—inflation and possible recession is the result of his irrational policies which only help those who want to stay in power at all costs. The Democratic Party-controlled media covers up for him daily. He is spending billions of our dollars on his climate change initiative, which is destroying our economy.

Today, if you haven’t heard of the travesty and persecution of our former Pr...

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