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Letter: Schools are no longer safe

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Parents, do not send your children to schools, elementary, high, or college as they are no longer safe from assault and murder. There are too many 18-year-old plus white supremacists, mentally sick teenagers out there with assault rifles and extended magazines planning the next mass shooting of your school children. They want their moment of fame and they intend to die in the assault by return gunfire or by self-inflicted gunfire, and they all can’t be stopped. And don’t think it can’t happen here; it can!

You parents are the only ones who can prevent the massacre and traumatization of your school children. Don’t look for help from outside sources. There are not enough police or National Guard members to guard every school and if the gunman cannot get into the school to kill, he will kill your children outside the school. Just don’t send them to school, home teach them.

How can the Uvalde, Texas children who survived the massacre ever go back to that ...

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