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Letter: School board thoughts

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

You recently printed an editorial titled “Decorum.” I have been to most of the great school board meetings and some of the BOS. I have yet to see a lack of decorum in the public area.

However, I and a few others during a break were derided by Mrs. Lockerby of the school board. She stated that she was employed by the state and has standouts in the schools. She then said “You don’t have anything.”

I was also followed out of the meeting by Mr. Burak of the school board and called a “terrible person,” followed by “You call yourself a Christian.”

I strongly encourage like-minded people to show up at the meetings. The board doesn’t allow public comments if they don’t want the truth to interfere with their agenda. Sometimes the public camera is “not working.”

Dianne C. JonesGloucester, Va.

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