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Letter: School board should reconsider decision

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This letter was to address the Mathews School Board meeting of Aug. 18.

I was maybe two minutes late. Apparently they had already collected the signup sheet to speak. When I left, the sheet I signed had several names under my name and was still at the table as you came into the door. No one bothered to collect that sheet so everyone could speak. When some people spoke, the crowd was rude.

First, a lot of people need a history lesson. So many people are misinformed that want the name change. They think the Civil War was all about slavery. It was not. The slavery issue was a byproduct. One young lady talked about 20 somethings and young 30s perspective. I learned a long time ago, just because I think it does not make it so. Search it out on your own; not what someone has told you or even teachers have taught you. Mrs. Sadler tried to tell the audience, but was met with loud boos.

Some say their children are hurt by the name of the elementary school. ...

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