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Letter: School board member responds to accusations

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The following is an open letter to Pam Douglas ("Board has failed to meet responsibility to children," May 3 Readers Write):

I mistakenly believed that to keep silent when false accusations were made was the way to quell the rumors, giving the facts rather than answering any false statements made in anger. I was wrong. I shall not let this latest series of untrue statements go unanswered.

If I had prepared a written statement, it would have addressed some of the falsehoods which had been spoken in previous meetings. I mistakenly believed that the public hearing might bring out some new ideas. It did not. It was the same emotional outbursts of anger of previous meetings which had no bearing on the facts.

Choices were made; choices between issuing "pink slips" to reduce the number of personnel that we needed to lose (or absorb) or replacing personnel that were resigning or retiring in critical areas with personnel from T.C. Walker Sc...

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