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Letter: Saying thanks and ‘Aloha’

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In Hawaii years ago, there was a regular newspaper column named "Aloha" where residents could publicly recognize the good Samaritans among them. As a military wife, I used it once to thank a stranger who came to my rescue when my much used and abused Corvair broke down on a busy highway. I did not get his name so I reached out to him through the column to let him know how much he was appreciated.

Here in Mathews, where good Samaritans are most likely someone you know, it’s easier to reward good deeds but sometimes a public thank you is deserved. When I thanked and hugged Charles Ingram for the amazing fireworks display Saturday night, he said, "Put it in the paper!" Being one of the hundreds who contributed nothing but reaped the benefits of the hard work and expense of the Mathews Fireworks Committee, "putting it in the paper" is the least I can do. You folks on the committee give the county a tremendous gift of sheer joy for one night in July. Tha...

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