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Letter: Say ‘no’ to fracking

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Say “no” to fracking in Virginia! All of us want clean air to breathe and unpolluted water to drink, and it is becoming more obvious every day that we cannot assume that our federal government has our best interests at heart in this matter. We must seek out information about what is happening in our communities that could contaminate our environment and jeopardize the health of our citizens. Local governments have the power to set regulations to protect their citizens, but they need to hear from us, and not just the corporations that stand to profit.

Shore Explorations, a Texas oil and gas company, has leased over 80,000 acres in an area of Virginia known as the Taylorsville Basin, which lies east and west of Richmond and extends into Maryland. They intend to frack the land for a relatively small amount of gas. 

The process of fracking injects a massive amount of water, mixed with sand and hundreds of toxic chemicals forcefully into the eart...

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