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Letter: Saddened by closure of T.C. Walker School

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I’m very sad that:

—The Gloucester County School Board has so much power that it can just ignore the citizens of Gloucester County and the former students of Thomas C. Walker School;

—Thomas C. Walker School was the chosen school to be closed;

—I feel, in my heart that the reasons given for closing the school are totally untrue.

Thomas Calhoun Walker was born into slavery on June 16, 1861 and died three days before my birth on Nov. 5, 1953. He could not read or write till after the age of 13. He attended Hampton Institute and later in life he was a teacher, principal, Superintendent of Negro Schools in Gloucester County, a pastor, a farmer, a county commissioner and a lawyer to name a few professions.

This is the only school in Gloucester County that black children could attend at one time … and this is the one the superintendent and the school board swears that had to be closed. No other school; just this one.


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