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Letter: Sacrificing women’s health for politics

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Thank you, Dr. James Kenley, for your letter to the Gazette-Journal on Sept. 1 regarding the closing of 15 abortion clinics. Gov. Bob McDonnell and the General Assembly are making it harder, perhaps impossible, to get a safe abortion in Virginia. No one wants an abortion; but when it is necessary, let the woman and her doctor make that decision.

Our clinics meet the same regulations as those that perform cataract operations and plastic surgery, but abortion clinics need to be safer? One of the new regulations is to make the janitorial closet bigger. This is not a joke.

Senate Bill 924 is being pushed through as an "emergency." Gov. McDonnell wants to be vice president on the GOP ticket. Could this be why women’s lives are being sacrificed?

Kacey Sydnor Carneal

Gloucester, Va.

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