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Letter: Russell’s response

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

At last week’s board meeting, two members of the Mathews County Board of Supervisors stated I had done or was going to do something secretly or underhandedly by reserving a name at the SCC.

When I attempted to respond to the false claim, I was told no. I read the following statement at Monday night’s continuation of last week’s meeting.

“A lot of research had been done on the ownership of the monument. I was interested in the original group which was formed to erect the monument (The Mathews Monument Association) which created a corporation and filed with the Virginia SCC in 1912.

“The charter states, ‘the object of the corporation is to build and erect at Mathews C.H. a monument to the memory of the Confederate Soldiers who perished in or from the effects of the war between the states 1861-1865 from the County of Mathews and to care for and own said monument and preserve it and turn over to our successors.’ It goes on to say, ‘The names of the off...

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