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Letter: Rob Wittman for Congress

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In response to Larry McGlamary’s letter that blames Rob Wittman for the practice of large corporations moving their headquarters overseas to avoid taxes (“Norm Mosher for Congress,” Sept. 25 Readers Write), it is the campaign season, so it’s typical to see over-the-top charges from political partisans like McGlamary.

For the record, Congressman Wittman believes there are inequities in the tax code that allow the largest corporations to pay unfairly low effective tax rates. For that reason, Wittman supports fundamental tax reform that would require all businesses, large and small, to pay the same rate and to abolish the loopholes. This makes sense to me because keeping the tax rates low will allow small business owners to keep more of their money to reinvest in and grow their business.

In addition, Wittman believes Congress must step in and curtail costly regulations, particularly from the EPA and Department of Labor, which fail to fai...

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