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Letter: Rilee for Sheriff

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As a retired law enforcement officer with 31 years of experience as a local police officer and a Special Agent and Assistant Director of the FBI, I am concerned about the direction that has been taken by law enforcement in Gloucester County.

There has been a decrease of over 77 percent in drug arrests during the past three years. Our sheriff says that his department is targeting mid-level suppliers and that it is effective. That is sort of like saying we will only investigate the robbery of a 7-Eleven store if the amount stolen is over $500—robbery is robbery, and drugs are drugs. Property crimes especially, and other crimes to a great degree, are associated with drugs. If you do not control the drug trafficking and use, other crimes are going to increase.

There has reportedly been a 25 percent decrease in crime in Gloucester County during the current administration. When crimes such as drug trafficking are not investigated and those responsible a...

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