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Letter: Ridiculous, disturbing and disheartening

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

We are currently living in an upside down society. There are ridiculous ideas being pushed on us, ideas we are told we must embrace and practice.Our public schools are promoting transgenderism with pornographic material being shelved in public school libraries. Visit the Gloucester High School library and ask to see the book “Gender Queer” and turn to page 167. You will be shocked and dismayed by what you see. Don’t expect the school board, the high school principal, the librarian or the sheriff’s office to sympathize with you. You are likely to be told (as I was) that a complaint cannot be filed because “schools operate under a different system.” Ridiculous.

How about the lie that a man can be a woman? We are told that a man can get pregnant, that men should be allowed to compete against women in women’s sports. Men, if you are born with an XY chromosome you are a man, you will always be a man, regardless of the puberty blockers or gender surgeries you ...

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