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Letter: Rich people are far from slavery

Editor, Gazette-Journal:


I can’t help but laugh when I read that the “richer people” will be slaves to the “poorer people” if the richer have to pay more taxes. When the latest Republican presidential candidate is worth $250 million and pays only 14 percent in taxes, there is little reason for richer people to be concerned about imminent bondage. After all, the American median income is $51,107, which reflects a tax rate of 25 percent. It appears the more you acquire in this country, the more tax loopholes you have access to, and the less you pay into the general fund. Rich people are far from slavery.


Many Republicans smugly wrap themselves in righteousness and deplore the heathen Democrats, as though the GOP has cornered the market on moral rectitude. But is it righteous or moral to deprive families, children and the elderly of food? That is what Republicans in Congress and those who support them want to see happen with the propos...

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