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Letter: Rhetorical ambiguity

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I read once again the president’s second inaugural speech after having first dismissed it as pure blather. A few moments’ reflection on the president’s words prompts a bit more of my critical analysis. Please permit me to be a bit more specific in my reference to blather.

Perhaps the use of rhetorical ambiguity would be a bit more specific in describing the president’s words. He appears to believe that he is talking to children or, at the very least, those whom he perceives as ignorant of the founding history of America, as well as the founding documents.

The president’s reference to equality in "Our union was founded on liberty and equality." Here the president can only be referring to the equality of outcomes, an idea that came about during the mindless absurdities of the 1960s. Unfortunately, this equality that the president references can only be achieved with freedom and liberty if such equality is pursued.

The presi...

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